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DarkRoom in LightRoom

I love black and white images. For us darkroom folks, it has a special place in our heart.  So I'm brining the Darkroom back through LightRoom!  If you're confused, read on. Canon 5D MK3 24mm 3.5L TSE II Stitched two images together (using the lens shift) See it bigger This is the original color version The color version is not bad, but I think the black and white image brings more drama to the photograph. This is Baltimore by the way. The industrial area near Francis Scott Key Bridge.  All the areas near the water was fenced in so I was going to try some other places, but I got lucky.  I slipped through this one guard using my charm… Ok, This is what really happened:  the guard asks me, "You're going into the Marine Safety Building?" to that I said,"… Um, yeah… Marine Safety Building… That's it"  Then she lifted the gate.  I didn't even get to use my James Bond charm that I've acquired as a photographer needing access. Some ti

Ex President's Homes in DC

Shot for the Washingtonian Magazine for their "Before the White House" article.  It was fun visiting these homes and talking to the owners about what they know and have learned over the years. This story shows the homes of some presidents before they moved into the White House.  The presidents that I covered was Bush Sr., Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Harding, and Johnson. John F. Kennedy 3307 N St. NE DC JF Kennedy's house Canon 5d MK3,  24mm 3.5L TSE II This House was a bit of a challenge because I did not want to show cars or street signs. Just off the the left of the shot is the street, so I didn't have too much space to work with.  From this angle I was able to keep the composition pristine as possible. Just to the right was a bunch of construction workers moving stuff around.  The wide 24mm with the perspective correction allowed me this shot from such a tight vantage point. I love this lens!  JF Kennedy's house. Back view. Canon 5d MK3,  24