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Weekend Outing

Chef Chang

Had an opportunity to shoot the great Chef Peter Chang for Oxford American Magazine . Todd Kliman, a food writer expresses his quest for his cuisine in this article . Considered one of best Schezuan Chef, he is known to pick-up and leave once he is 'discovered'. Todd managed to track him down to Charlettesville, VA where he was cooking in a very low key restaurant named "Taste of China". I was asked to photograph him in his surroundings that depicts his elusiveness and his tendency to shy away from the spotlight. It should have a mysterious mood so I brought my own light for more dramatic lighting. Carol Ann Fitzgerald the editor, allowed me creative freedom to shoot whatever that seemed to fit the article. A rare oppurtunity indeed! Soon after the magazine was released on beginning of March, he took off again! Unbeliveable. I'm so glad that I had the chance to shoot this intriguing figure. During the shoot, he never came across as a person wh