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On Perspective

We learned to recognize photography as images that somewhat resembles what we see with our eyes. 'Pictures don't lie', they say.  True, that it captures light bouncing off from the subject and replicates it onto a sensor/film using complex optical science... so there is no lie going on, just physics. If that is the case where is the 'art' in photography? Where is the part that makes the picture "unique"? Isn't one of the criteria of "art", is that it is unique? Something that belongs to a psyche of just one person? This is a curtain hanging from its rod in front of a closed shade.  Why does it look like a thick muddy dreadlock of a space creature? Or high resolution scan of a strange hair strand? Its because I omitted to show the elements that are distinguishable. And the viewer's brain starts to interpret the images using their own knowledge base.  So when the images seems to get more father away from reality,  we rely on our own perce

A Smile is Just a Smile

Canon 5d mk2  24mm 3.5L II There aren't many shots that I would say that I am really proud of, but this shot I am.  First of all, these three ladies are very nice people, so any comments that will be made below only reflects the view of the social consciousness of the general public as I would see it. Basically its "art"... to make it easier to explain. The backdrop is pure excess, gorgeous things that normal people will never lay their hands on.  The women in their designer dresses, slender legs and brand name dogs. The American Dream. But look at that expression! She is 13 all over again. There isn't an ounce of pretensiousness on showing how happy she is when her dog licks her.  The happiness crosses all social/cultural boundaries.  Its never misunderstood. The general public are jealous of them, be envious of them or even hate them, but that smile transcends that hate and dissipates it.  It makes me think and ask myself, why we believe in the things that we