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Author Series: Tony Horwitz and Geraldine Brooks

I've been shooting the "Author Series" for the Hay Adams Hotel in DC Since spring of 2011.  They invite well known authors like Toni Morrison and David McCullough to a lunch at the hotel where they would have a book signing and a presentation about their book they've released.  It is usually followed by a Q&A session where attendees can ask questions directly to the authors. Canon 50mm 1.2L, Canon 5D MKII. The meals are specifically prepared by Chef Peter Schaffrath with full intention of incorporating the elements of the theme of the day which would be the theme of the book. For instance, for this series the book "Caleb's Crossing"was set in the 1600's in Martha's Vinards. So the chef did some research to come up with a modern version of something that would've been prepared around that geographical location and during that time period.  Pretty cool. The Hay Adams Hotel take pride in their literary heritage. This hotel is built on

Shooting Film More

Now and then I like to take my film cameras out for a spin.  These mechanical cameras have to be 'exercised' or they can crap out on you.  Its like that with Stradivarius violins. You have to play them or they feel that they have no purpose and crap out.  I'm serious. When I had a mediocre scanner awhile back, I wasn't too happy with the image quality so I shot very little film.  But couple of years ago, I got the Epson V750 with the wet mount tray, and boy am I happy with the results. But I don't use the messy wet stuff. I just use a high-grade plate of glass to sandwich the film so it remains completely flat. I've done some tests and anything bigger than 35mm you'll have problems with getting unsharp scans due to film curvature. Even with the dedicated film holder, the film does not completely flatten.  Sure, you get more contrast and dynamic range if you do the true wet mount, but wetting and drying negatives each time you scan doesn't jive with m