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Nature Photography

I've always done nature photography along my editorial/commercial work. Nature photography, to me is very introspective. I usually go to parks near where I live and just walk around. Sometimes I find something sometimes I don't. This was long shutter speed (1 sec.) long enough to blur the water but short enough to keep the texture. I understand now that its really about your mind set. Sure, the scenery helps but if you're not awake enough to see it, you'll walk past it and complain that the park/scenery had nothing to offer. I've done this many times. This was sunrise. Very back lit! It made all the leaves translucent and glow. Thanks to Zeiss T coating, contrast was still nice. I believe that beautiful pictures can be had almost anywhere. The question is am I awake enough to see it? Love this wavy line... like Chinese calligraphy. The morning fog separated the thin tree from the background nicely. Taking pictures in nature for me is like medita