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Look what I've found!

I'm starting out on a series of photographs that's very exciting for me.  It is a completely a different approach.  I was playing around with the idea few years ago but now I decided to explore it some more. Canon 5d MK3 Click to see the entire gallery I caught the flashing meteor just as it was about to crash on the earth… Just kidding. This was done with long exposure and deliberately moving the camera for the desired effect.  The meteor is just the sun. Click to see the entire gallery Yes, it does look like an impressionistic painting. I assure you that there was no photoshop filters used.  Saturation, contrast and some tinting was used to get the colors the way I like it. Click to see the entire gallery This approach is so interesting for me because even though the image looks like an abstraction, it was derived from real life.  So in a way it straddles the world of your imagination and reality.  Or better yet, it blurs the boundary between the two rea