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Ideal Schools

Just finished shooting for the Ideal schools . It is a private high school in Ashburn VA. The founder Deep Sran's approach is much like a typical graduate school in a graduate school setting. With a doctorate degree in Critical Thinking and background as corporate lawyer, he has both academic and 'real' world knowledge. The students are encouraged to think for themselves to come to a conclusion, as opposed to learning how to get better test scores. The classes are very small. The space is well thought out to promote interaction and provide a very comfortable relaxed atmosphere. The school has a very hands on approach. Students will build their own wooden surfboard. They will touch on subjects like hydrodynamics, physics, and math during the project. They even get their hands on running a real business. Group outing for lunch to a local outdoor restaurant, Ultimate Frisbee or kickboxing for gym class! It was a pleasure experiencing this new method of ed

Book Covers

I contribute regularly to Arcangel Images which is England based photo-agency that specializes in book covers. They have an excellent selection that is more artistic/dramatic. Here's some recent books with my photos on them This photo was taken near Virginia/Maryland border on a small country road. Its a small motel. The long exposure (4 minutes) allowed the clouds to look velvety.  This photo was taken in D.C. during the Chinese New Year parade. The mixture of colors and wind blown flags captured my eye.