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Arena Stage Architectural

Shot the Arena Stage few days ago.  I have the deepest respect for both architecture and architects.  In some sense, I think photography and architecture are somewhat similar to each each other in the fact that we both have to be very familiar with technical knowledge along with artistic. I've met the Media Director Kirstin Franko of the Arena Stage, a while back while scouting for a photo shoot for the Design Army.  She was very helpful then and very helpful now when I wanted to shoot the theater for my portfolio. Canon 5d MK II, 24 3.5L TSE II This building has huge wooden pillars that sits up along the perimeter of the windows.  I find it interesting that in this building, you can't find too many right angles. The structure is mostly made out of concrete and glass but the addition of wooden posts and the lack of 90 degree angles give it more organic feel to such modern structure.  Canon 5d MKII, 24 3.5L TSE II Because of the wall of windows, the light plays a very imp

Shooting the Hay Adams Hotel with 2 guns.

I've had the privilege of shooting the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington DC.  I've shot a number of their "Author Series" in the past and I was hired to shoot some of their interiors recently. 24 3.5L TSE II, 5D MKII I love this hotel!  It was built around the turn of the century (1913 I think?) and it is just a wonderful place. It is considered to be one of the best hotels in the United states.  It has won many awards and their attention to detail is remarkable. One of the best asset to this hotel is the view.  How is the front lawn of the White House for a spactacular view?  No sudden moves, because the secret service guys on top of the roof will "take note" of you if you linger around too long with a lot of equipment. 50 1.2L, 5D MKII The suites are immaculate.  Plush bedding, steam pressed drapes, carved ceiling panels... Top notch.  24 3.5L TSE II, 5D MKII Used the Canon 24mm TSE for this project. Great lens. For this kind of work, you can't b