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Panoramic Stitching with Canon 24mm 3.5L TSEII at Great Falls Park

I'm guilty! Guilty of neglecting my 617 crazy-pano film camera for a modern digicam. Gaoersi 617 Medium format film camera with 90 Schneider lens. Look at the wooden grips, the metallic  sound of the mechanical shutter, the gorgeous optics! What have I done? What is my sentence?  I beg you to be merciful!  '...Your sentence is the following...' You will save around 50-80 bucks in color film processing fees! You will also spend about 10 hours quality time doing whatever pleases you since you're not scanning! You will also suffer the consequences of being able to work on your picture right away! ?! I've always loved the pano format.  Especially the 617 medium format film cameras.  The image quality is just wonderful.  But to be honest, I've been shooting this camera less and less.  As a working professional, time is very important to me. Spending days scanning on my Epson 750 Pro has just become too much.  I like to multi pass the scans at high resolut