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Into the light

I've spent some of my youth in Frederick, MD. Fond memories. Its strange to return to the place after so many years. I don't know why I love to shoot strait into the light so much. It flairs up the lens and you lose contrast...a technical no no, but to me what I gain in mood supersedes the technical loss. I take pictures to capture human feelings anyway, and sometimes that cannot be bound by technical rules. I was reviewing my portfolio few days ago and I noticed that I have old cars all over the place! I love old cars, especially in its "natural" settings. My wife makes fun of me that I'm growing old when I talk about the old days but those were the days! View from inside of a small Cuban restaurant. Molasses soda and jerk chicken sandwich to finish the day.

Nature Photography

I've always done nature photography along my editorial/commercial work. Nature photography, to me is very introspective. I usually go to parks near where I live and just walk around. Sometimes I find something sometimes I don't. This was long shutter speed (1 sec.) long enough to blur the water but short enough to keep the texture. I understand now that its really about your mind set. Sure, the scenery helps but if you're not awake enough to see it, you'll walk past it and complain that the park/scenery had nothing to offer. I've done this many times. This was sunrise. Very back lit! It made all the leaves translucent and glow. Thanks to Zeiss T coating, contrast was still nice. I believe that beautiful pictures can be had almost anywhere. The question is am I awake enough to see it? Love this wavy line... like Chinese calligraphy. The morning fog separated the thin tree from the background nicely. Taking pictures in nature for me is like medita

Pawtomack Farm

I'm currently shooting for Patowmack Farm in Lovettsville,VA. It's a restaurant like no other. They are a farm that grows most of the produce that they serve. Completely organic (have been over 10 years). Produce picked strait from their farm The Christopher Edwards is the Executive Chef there and he has worked for many famous restaurants including El Bulli of Spain. Very talented Chef and nice guy too. His style is "New American" He is very excited about the possibilities of using VERY fresh ingredients. His salads are literally picked minutes before serving! Executive Chef of Pawtomack Farm Christopher Edwards My style of shooting fits this project perfectly since their restaurant needs to tell thier "story" of how they're different from other restaurants. We are also producing a multimedia segment that will be embedded into their website. Once its completed, I'll have it up in my blog. Owner Beverly and Chef Christopher Christoph

Wonderful Machine

I'm very excited about being included in the Wonderful Machine group. They promote assignment photographers around the world. They have a great website It was found by an assignment photographer Bill Cramer, so he understands our needs as photographers. I'm in "Reportage", "Still Life", and "Fine Art" I could be found also under "Washingtion D.C." Their website is very easy to navigate and you could find a photographer to your liking anywhere in the world. They post weekly blogs about photographers they're featuring with sample photos. Check them out!

Celtic Festival

Neat little festival! A lot of things to see. Folk dancing, live music and drinks. This black smith caught my attention. Very charismatic person. Not afraid to share his opinion. I like that. He hand makes knives, swords and tools just like how they did long time ago. These arrow tips are hand forged and shaped with different uses for each heads. The workmanship is excellent!  

Barber Shop

This shop is in Leesburg VA. Neat little shop full of characters and history. I used a 4x5 large format to create this bw portrait. I've been getting back into large format recently. The creative control you have with the tilts-shifts is unsurpassed even in this digital age. This was hand held shot very quickly. Overall I feel more comfortable without tripod. I guess that's one element that defines your style... the condition where you excel or feel comfortable in. But then again, I've heard that you have to get out of your comfort zone. Who knows?

My first blog

Photography has been my passion for some time. I work in Northern VA now, but I lived in Connecticut, D.C. , Los Angeles, and Mexico. I'm originally from S. Korea. enough about me, let's talk photography. Like in all discipline of the arts, photography is an expression of human thoughts and emotions. It is art that separates us from the animals, I think (see below). Chiqullo (an animal)