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Snow Storm

A small personal project video. I mixed some still photography in it. Also looped the windshield wiper sound that somewhat syncs to the video and still. I though that rhythmic pounding of the drum from the song went well with the motion. Used Panasonic GF-1 with a 20mm 1.7 Pancake lens. All shot handheld. Enjoy! P.S. The rendering on this site is quite awful. See the HD version here


I've lived in Baltimore when I was attending Loyola College. Its a 'boutique' city, I guess you can call it. The part of the city that I always liked was the industrial areas near the water. If you've been in baltimore you've seen this building. This is the famous Domino Sugars building. You usually see the sign glowing in the dark from the Inner Harbor. I tried to show it from a different perspective here. The cloud was nice but not enough. So I waited around for the bird to fly by. Shot with 50 1.2L. The shutter speed was very fast since the lens was pretty much wide open during the day. With me moving the camera looking for the right bird, if it wasn't for the fast shutter speed, the building would've been blurred.  These trucks with the telephone pole and its shadow made a nice dividing line for the composition. Shot with 28mm 1.8.  I like the way that this photo is more about geometry than a 'place'. This is a back alley way of many row h