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Slow Shutter Photography... Blackwaterfalls State Park in West Virginia

Waterfalls are particularly suited for slow shutter photography.  I wanted to do something different with these waterfall photos, but it seems that slow shutter technique just works so nicely with waterfalls. Maybe that’s why its been done to death… But who cares, it looks nice… Real nice. Canon 5d MKIII 135mm 2.0L lens 1.3 seconds @f13 with Genus Variable ND Filter Click here to see more photos from this session  A word of warning, this session gets pretty technical.  So if you are the type of a person who has the robotic lady that answers your cell phone because you can't set the thing up, I urge you to... read on anyway.  But if you remember Ronald Reagan as the actor, you are exempt from the above derogatory remark.  Technique Here are some hints at slow shutter speed or long exposure techniques.  It is very simple.  The idea is to keep the camera as steady as possible during the exposure as the shutter remains open.  So you'll need a sturdy tripod, foremost.   Then you'

Let's put some feeling into it!

My goal in this blog is to educate about photography. I’ve come to realize that learning photography is not just technical. Matter of fact, the technical side can be rather easily mastered in short amount of time. The artistic aspect of photography such as composition, seeing light, and the ability to capture a certain mood of the scene is the part that makes photography a unique art on its own. To me, without the artistry, photography is just a scientific craft. It is only when the emotion of the photographer is present in the image, the photograph is given “life”.   I dedicate this blog to trying to help photographers understand how to inject the human emotions and our values into the photograph using various tools that is available to us as photographers.   Fuji x-100 Click to see it bigger Before the shutter is pressed, either instinctively or consciously, we must answer series of questions. These questions will always lead to serve the one main goal: How can you duplicate wh